Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ok sit down, two posts in two days!!!

So I just needed to post this little story from last night when we were about to go to bed. Kinzlie was a little fussy and we were trying to find her binky and we couldnt find it anywhere. Finally Greg looked down at Milo and he had it in his mouth and was sucking on it like a little baby, hahaha!!! It was really funny to see, I guess he really is paying attention when Kinzlie is sucking on her binky :) Sad thing is that we did not get a picture before we took it out of his mouth!


Erin said...

Thus is begins! Hilarious and cute, but so wrong. For those precious few days when we thought S was a pacifier baby, we upped our stock so that we always had one, anywhere, and the type that we thought she liked. Maybe we should give those to P. now! Too bad you didn't get a picture.

Nissa said...

Too funny! I was surprised our dog never pulled anything like that. She is surprisingly respectful of Alexis's stuff (so far!!).